Retail Pick-up Program

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In an ideal world, retail businesses would be able to order the EXACT amount of every food product that would be purchased each day, but consumers and trends and weather can be unpredictable. Add to that the complexities of expiration dates, sell by dates, and best if used by dates, and retailers are often left with large amounts of edible food that they just can't sell for one reason or another.

Foodshare's Retail Pick-up Program was established to help recover that surplus food. Every weekday, Foodshare truck drivers and Foodshare volunteers pick up food donations from our partners in the food industry. Our drivers typically pick up food donations by the pallet and bring the items back to our warehouse, while volunteers gather smaller amounts of assorted produce, dairy, and bakery items that they deliver directly to a nearby pantry, shelter, or community kitchen where the food will be used or distributed right away.

Nationally, 40% of all food waste occurs on the retail and consumer level. By donating unsalable food to Foodshare, retailers reduce their amount of food waste, while also receiving the tax benefits of making a donation. And most importantly, they are helping people struggling with food insecurity.


Retail Stores:

  • If you would like to know more about how your business can be a partner in the Retail Pick-up Program please contact Retail Donations Coordinator, Gaye Sgamboti at 860-286-9999.


  • If you are interested in becoming one of our Retail Pick-up Volunteers, sign up here.