Creating a Hunger Free Community

Hunger-free community ensuring everyone has enough 2015

Ensuring Everyone Has Enough

Foodshare’s goal is to solve hunger—that is, to make sure that when people fall on hard times, there is enough food available to support them. Right now, that is not the case. Last year, Foodshare distributed enough food for 11.5 million meals—but even that huge amount of food did not cover the entire need in our area.

It is simply not possible for us to grow enough to fill the need with food alone, so another approach is needed. We need to tackle the problem from both sides: we need to bring up the amount of available food as much as possible, and bring down the need for food by helping people find greater stability. When the need and the supply meet in the middle, no one has to go without.

But achieving that goal is a very ambitious undertaking. The only way this balance can happen and keep happening is if the entire community gets involved in the effort—finding local solutions, adding their voices to the rising chorus, helping their neighbors. It will take firefighters, postal workers, business owners, clergy, students, truck drivers, college professors, artists, retirees, athletes, bankers, and everyone in between to get this job done.

But it absolutely can be done if we put our hearts, heads, and hands together.

To get involved directly in this work, join the movement to solve hunger.