A Turkey and Thirty

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Thanksgiving is a holiday for everyone--something shared across communities, across faiths, across the country. And, thanks to you, we were able to provide a turkey dinner for 16,188 Greater Hartford individuals and families! The generous people of our region have also donated $836,585 to help feed these families all year long, and build lasting solutions to hunger. 

Be sure to check out our photo gallery to see all of the wonderful people who contributed to this event, or keep up with all of our Turkey and Thirty stories, pictures and more on our blog. And, of course, it's never too late to help--hunger is a year-round issue. Your gift of cash will help us continue our work after the holiday has come to an end.

Other Ways to Get Involved

It is wonderful that we have made sure all of our hungry neighbors can join in the celebration this Thanksgiving, but there is always more work to be done. As always, monetary donations are gratefully accepted online, in person or through the mail. And here are a few additional ways you can get involved during the holiday season, and all year long:

  • Host a virtual food drive

Did you know that $30 donated to Foodshare can provide 30 days worth of food for a hungry neighbor? By sharing this fact with family and friends, you might be surprised how quickly those dollars come rolling in. Host a fundraiser >

  • Share your stories

Storytelling is vital part of the work we do, and often motivates people to take action. As a volunteer, we want to celebrate your accomplishments. As a client, you can help others understand why hunger happens to good people, and what needs to change. Tell your story >

  • Become a volunteer

Hunger is a year-round issue, which means we need volunteers year-round who can help with our ongoing work. Learn how you can get involved here at Foodshare, or in your local community. Get Started >

  • Visit Foodshare

We are always happy to meet our supporters in person. In fact, we encourage you to stop by for a tour anytime. We think you'll be amazed by what you see. And if you call ahead (860-286-9999), we promise to have someone standing by to give you the red carpet treatment. Get Directions >