Individual and Group Opportunities

NEW - Walk Volunteers 2012


We hear that all the time from Foodshare volunteers. Some want to offer thanks for help they had once received, others volunteer because they share our vision of ending hunger. Regardless of why you choose to volunteer, we could never do what we do, without you! We offer a variety of opportunities, some of which accommodate larger groups (G) of volunteers to work together, while fostering a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed below, please Join the Movement to solve hunger in greater Hartford.

Increasing the Amount of Food Available

  • Form a Turkey and Thirty team to collect turkeys and funds for our hungry neighbors. (G)
  • Cut and tie mesh bags, at your leisure, needed to pack donated produce. (G)    
  • Sort incoming food, through our Food Reclamation program, to determine which products are safe for consumption. (G)
  • Plant, maintain and harvest vegetables throughout the growing season at one of our community gardens. (G)
  • Harvest locally grown produce donated by farms and orchards year-round. (G)
  • Advocate for school breakfast and lunch programs, summer food and more - offering free and reduced-price meals to low-income students.      
  • Set up Mobile Foodshare sites and distribute food to those in need.     
  • Inspect, sort and repack donated food at the Bloomfield warehouse or Hartford Regional Market. (G)     
  • Pick up donated food from retail stores & bring it directly to a local food pantry. 
  • Help screen eligible people for SNAP (Food Stamp) benefits, and assist them in filling out the application. 
  • Join our Rapid Response Team and be "on call" when we have an immediate need for help with various tasks (primarily food sorting).    
  • Design or continue work on a different project to support this goal and report back to Foodshare about it!


Building Self-Sufficiency

  • Become an ally to support a graduate of Bridges Out of Poverty, an innovative program designed  to help those in poverty better understand & change their circumstances.   
  • Partner with community-based organizations offering Language and Literacy services like: English as a Second Language, and reading/writing literacy.
  • Partner with community-based organizations offering Financial Planning services like: budget coaching and tax assistance.
  • Partner with community-based organizations offering Education and Employment services like: GED, resume writing, college and other training programs.
  • Design or continue work on a different project to support this goal and report back to Foodshare about it!


Involving the Entire Community

  • Work in the Bloomfield office, offering Administrative Support, and helping with data entry, reception, preparation of mailings, filing, shredding, etc.       
  • Become a Foodshare Ambassador to attend speaking engagements, tablings and facilitate Hunger 101.
  • Distribute campaign and event brochures to our retail partners on a monthly basis.
  • Form a team to raise funds or volunteer at the Foodshare Walk Against Hunger (G)
  • Join one of our Hunger Action Teams - a regional network of those committed to tackling the root causes of hunger.
  • Take the SNAP Challenge and commit to living on a low income food budget for one week. (G)
  • Become an e-Advocate and write letters, make phone calls or visit elected officials in support of anti-hunger legislation.    
  • Design or continue work on a different project to support this goal and report back to Foodshare about it!