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Share Your Time…

Here at Foodshare, our goal is to involve the entire community in our work to solve hunger -- that means you! Hunger is a problem that has a solution, but only if we all play a part. We offer a variety of opportunities for you to get your hands dirty, while helping our hungry neighbors. Whether you choose to volunteer with Foodshare or with one of our partners, we invite you to become a part of the Movement to Solve Hunger in Greater Hartford. Together we can make a difference, one meal at a time.

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Giving Back on Your Watch

We understand that not everyone can volunteer their time on our schedule -- maybe you work full-time or go to school, maybe you have children to care for, or maybe you just prefer to volunteer when you feel like it.

Here are some unique, and hopefully flexible, ways you can become a part of the Movement to Solve Hunger:

  • Take the SNAP Challenge and commit to living on a low income food budget for one week. Learn More +

    The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, feeds millions of hungry families in America every month. But with the rising cost of food and the economy struggling, these benefits are sometimes a family's only access to food. The SNAP Challenge encourages participants to experience what life is like for millions of low-income Americans living on the average daily allowance of only $4.50. Register Now >

  • Join one of our Hunger Action Teams - a regional network of those committed to tackling the root causes of hunger. Learn More +

    A Hunger Action Team (HAT) is a group of individuals and organizations working in collaboration to end hunger in a designated community. Members include individuals struggling with hunger, local businesses and food donors, town government, nonprofit organizations, the faith community, the school system, and concerned individuals. They begin by asking “Why are people hungry in our town and what can we do to make it better?” Contact Jim Palma to get involved in your local HAT. 

  • Become an e-Advocate and write letters, make phone calls or visit elected officials in support of anti-hunger legislation. Learn More +

    Foodshare advocacy is issue driven and non-partisan. We endorse legislation and policy that will benefit the agencies and people we serve. Sometimes this means writing a letter or making a phone call to our local representatives, and letting them know how passionate we are about bringing an end to hunger in Connecticut! Other times it may mean making a visit to Capitol Hill and speaking our mind to those who can bring about action. Sign up to receive action alerts when we need your help.

  • Work with a Foodshare partner to provide services that address the root causes of hunger and build the self-sufficiency of those in need. Learn More +

    Solving hunger means tackling more than just the immediate need for food -- it requires a look at why people are hungry and how we can reduce that overall need. So many of our partners are doing great work to address these issues, like: English as a Second Language, reading/writing literacy, budget coaching, tax assistance, resume writing, college and other training programs. Contact George Lombardo to get connected with one of these Foodshare partner programs.

  • Cut and tie mesh bags needed to pack donated produce. Learn More +

    Everyday, Foodshare distributes thousands of pounds of fresh produce, all of which needs to be sorted and bagged. We need your help keeping up with this demand. Contact Edna Bailey for more information on how you can get started today, in the comfort of your own home!