Join the Movement to Solve Hunger


Foodshare distributed 11.5 million meals last year, providing thousands of our hungry neighbors—including children, seniors, and hard-working families—with the food they need to stay healthy. But there is so much more we could be doing.

Solving hunger requires a community effort—a movement. Whether you decide to make a donation, volunteer your time or take action independently, we encourage you to become a part of this Movement to Solve Hunger.

Learn about the different ways you can get involved in our work below, or take action right now by selecting one of the following options:

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Your generous financial support will ensure a strong and steady growth of our programs that feed hungry people and connect them with the tools they need to get back on their feet.   Whether you choose to volunteer with Foodshare or one of our many partners, opportunities abound to help feed hungry people today, and build a better tomorrow.


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Mobile Foodshare West Hartford 2013

Increasing Food

Ensuring everyone has enough to make it through the “here and now” should be our first priority.

NEW - Marge Bell office Volunteer 2011

Reducing the Need

Eliminating hunger means providing people with the tools they need to achieve financial independence, and moving them beyond basic food assistance.

2013 Walk Against Hunger

Involving the Community

We need an army of engaged volunteers who can help us change the conversation about hunger!