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Your Dollar Goes Far

With 137,000 people in need of our services, the costs add up quickly. Fortunately, Foodshare is incredibly efficient -- 95% of your donation will directly support our work to solve hunger. Your gift means more healthy meals for people struggling to put food on the table. And your generosity goes far, with every dollar providing several meals for one of our hungry neighbors...think about the impact you could have by asking friends and family to contribute! Host a Food and Fund Drive >

Become a Leader in Giving

Wish you could give more? Make a sustaining gift - for as little as $10 per month, you can provide Foodshare with a steady income, which quickly adds up to a larger gift over the course of a year. Read More +

What would you do if you lost your job, had a medical emergency, or your home was destroyed by a severe storm? If you needed food, where would you go? That's where Foodshare can help. But we can't help without you.

By becoming a monthly donor, you become a Leader in Giving, enabling us to reliably support those in need. Your gift means new sources of food to distribute to our neighbors, and helps expand programs to get people back on their feet.

Give your neighbors something to count on in hard times, and invest in your own community so that Foodshare's resources are available to all when the need arises. Become a Leader in Giving >

Leave a Legacy

Each of us leaves footprints on the sands of time. A person is remembered for his or her character, accomplishments, kindness, passion and compassion, generosity, and values. When we leave these kinds of positive impressions behind, we enhance the lives of our loved ones, and indeed build a stronger community for our heirs. We give them footprints to follow.

Thoughtful estate planning is one of the tools each of us has to make a footprint in the sand, to help others recall our priorities. Consider the long-lasting effects of a plan that not only provides for loved ones, but provides resources for important community work like ending hunger. Learn More +

Estate planning is not limited to the wealthy. We all can, and should, make a will. It says that you care about your loved ones and that you want your affairs handled smoothly and without undue inconvenience to those who will be experiencing grief. Creating a will is your way to ensure that the fruits of your life’s labor are distributed in accordance with your wishes and to appropriately provide for your heirs.

When you include Foodshare in your will, you declare to your family and friends that you believe in and care about Foodshare’s work to end hunger. Your parting gift becomes a clear declaration of your values. And as your friends and family members plan their own estates, they may well recall your generosity and thoughtfulness. Your gift may unlock other gifts to support Foodshare. Contact us directly for more information.