Contributions of Food

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Our local food industry provides over 70% of the food we distribute from fruits and vegetables to dairy and juice, meat, eggs and peanut butter. Many of our food donors are also major financial supporters funding programs like our Mobile Foodshare, Summer Meals and Hunger Action Teams. Their support and partnership makes this work possible.

Most of this donated food is considered “edible but unsalable." In donating this unsalable food, these business are reducing the amount sent to landfills, saving them money, and saving the ozone at the same time.

You can read more about the amazing work done by members of the Food Industry throughout the year. Our food donors are honored each year at the Convoy of Caring held in September. 

If you are located in Hartford or Tolland county, please consider becoming a food partner:

  • Foodshare trucks and volunteers are on the road seven days a week to pick up your donation
  • We make it easy and convenient with a set pick up schedule based on your needs
  • We provide immediate receipts via paper or email and monthly and annual reports
  • Your donation may qualify for money saving tax benefits
  • Food donors are protected by the Good Samaritan Act


To learn more about becoming a Foodshare Food Partner contact Food Sourcing Manager, Paula Siebers

For a one time drop-off:



  • Whole produce
  • Milk
  • Cheese, eggs and dairy
  • Meat
  • Dry goods